3 Reasons That You Need Scrunchies

3 Reasons That You Need Scrunchies


Scrunchies are a top hair accessory trend in 2023 and I think we all know why. As an 80’s kid, I completely agree that scrunchies are AWESOME! Scrunchies come in many sizes and the color options are limitless due to fabric stores, Etsy, Amazon, and the ability to print images on material via sublimation. When I decided to make scrunchies apart of my business, I thought of the following reasons.

1. Cute Accessory for Hair and More. not only are scrunchies cute for the hair, but they are also cute enough to keep on your wrist , even if you do not use in your hair,  and it can be coordinated with your outfit. Can we call scrunchies a versatile accessory??

2. Leave hair breakage from hair ties in the past. let’s be real, we all have that hair day where a bun or cute ponytail is needed. Using hair ties will pull your hair! I can attest to this fact! But if you use a scrunchie, you have added a layer of material that will protect your hair from the harsh elastic and voila no more snag, tug, or pull.

3. No more tangled kinks. my daughter Bailey is 3 and she has the most beautiful curly hair. When I used hair ties alone, without a layer of fabric like a scrunchie, wow the tangled kinks at the end of the day were rough and would leave us both in tears. Moving to scrunchies reduced the tears and Bailey will now sit still to get her hair styled for the day. Amd can I mention that she rocks the side ponytails with a scrunchie that coordinates with her outfit for the day. 

Can you tell that I am a fan of scrunchies? Go ahead and give a Southern Sweet Co scrunchie a try, you won’t be disappointed.  



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